Triathlon World Champs 30May

Triathlon World Champs

What a day at the Triathlon World Champs. The weather gods played their part in not releasing the rain till late afternoon but they thought it best to blow bloody hard through most the day which made for a rough swim and a hard bike. Good for those strong swimmers and cyclists and which suited me to a T as I knew that the run was going to be a mission as I hadn’t run properly for the last 3 weeks, due to injury.
My tactics were to get as much time as I could on the swim and ride and then see how the run went so to come out of the swim a few seconds down on Nick Croft, an ex pro that use to race against the likes of Greg Welsh and Brad Bevan as well as being a winner of numerous races around the world, was an awesome start to the day. I didn’t look back when getting up out of the water as I didn’t want to know where anyone else was and partly knowing that with the swim I had I didn’t think there would be many close.
I had a slightly quicker transition then Nick so was on the bike first and then it was a case of going hard but not too much that I blew the legs up on the bike, so I was keeping a close eye on the watts. Coming back from Mission Bay into that wind on Tamaki Drive was damn hard though and I have to admit I did get warned by the draft busters on the first lap but it wasn’t for drafting instead it was for riding on the right side of the road. Supposedly I was blocking, blocking who I wanted to say, I have been passing people consistently so moving in and out from the left hand side would mean I was adding to the 40ks which I definitely didn’t want to do. A pain, so to speak, but I accepted my warning and thank them for their great work.
The second lap went fairly much the same as the first but without any further incidence with the draft busters and then into the second transition which went smoothly. Then it was the dreaded run and having no idea who was behind and how far they were behind was always a worry. The leg wasn’t good from the start and so the plan was to keep the stride short with a high turnover. It may not have been pretty to watch but it didn’t need to be, bit like my swim stroke ay Steve, it just needed to get me through as quick as possible which in the end it did. What an awesome experience to run down the finishing shoot with the person on the loud speaker calling out your name as the winner of the 45-49 age group and the new World Champ.
Thanks to all the support out on the course, everyone was amazing and I apologise if I didn’t acknowledge you all. Also thanks to the texts and internet support as well. It was a great experience and having all the support just made it that much better.

30 May 2020
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