‘GO’ Swim - Squad & 1-2-1 Video Analysis coming soon 30May

‘GO’ Swim - Squad & 1-2-1 Video Analysis coming soon

A quick update on what is happening with the Fastlane pool. It is still projected to be all completed on the 20th July. Once the handover has occurred the pool will take a couple of days to fill and then a couple of days to heat so all going to plan I should be up and running with the swim squads and the specialised 1-2-1 video analysis sessions on the 27th July.

The squads will be operating initially over 4 lanes with a maximum of 6 people per lane so 24 people per session which will allow for more coaching support and also so that people don't end up swimming over each other. Lanes during sessions will be organised with a mix of different speeds therefore catering to people of all abilities. Lane 1 will be those swimming less than 1min48sec per 100, lane 2 ~ 1min34sec to 1min48sec, lane 3 ~ 1min24 to 1min34sec and lane 4 faster than 1min24sec per 100m. By reducing the number of people per session and per lane it does mean that some session times and lanes may become fully subscribed and therefore a waiting list will be created for that session time or lane whereas other sessions may not fill up at all. There is likely to be some fine tuning with these times but at this stage I am working with the times above.

I have been speaking with Shane at Fastlane and we should have a cost per session finalised over the next couple of weeks which I will send out. At this stage the squad sessions will operate on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) card system in denominations of 10, 25 or 50 sessions, with the larger cards saving you nearly $3 per swim. This offers you flexibility as you only pay for the sessions you attend, rather than paying a monthly or quarterly fee. Once you have a card, you can use it to attend any of the squad sessions, provided those sessions are not fully subscribed. You can also pay casually per session.


30 May 2020
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